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The mission of the Dotenv Foundation is to grow software literacy.

Software is eating the world. It is both wonderful and terrifying (depending on how you look at it and depending on where you sit).

I believe it is wonderful because I sit in a position to shape it. I am software literate. And I am lucky to be so!

In 2002, Pepperdine University gifted me and every student 5 MB of free web space each. It was my first exposure to software - using FTP to upload an index.html file. Had Pepperdine not given me that small gift I likely would never have become software literate.

Since then my ability to understand software has unlocked untold opportunities and given me and my family a bright future.

Through Dotenv Foundation I want to give that gift to others - the gift of software literacy.

If you share the sentiment reach out and let's work together. is donating 10% of its revenues toward Dotenv Foundation in pursuit of this mission.


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Scott Motte

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The Dotenv Foundation also maintains a secondary goal - improve the .env file format standard and its tooling. This will include work toward open sourcing parts of to benefit the community.

Dotenv Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization backed by Hack Club.

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Advisory Body

These members help guide the software literacy mission.

Fernando Gouveia
Francisco Hernandez
Zach Latta
Santa Monica
Standards Body

These members help guide the .env file format standard.

Matt Steele
New York
Santa Monica