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Full-fledged security for individuals and small teams.


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Compliance and deep integration with your internal network.

What's free? Everything you need.

Everything you need to securely backup, sync, and deploy your secrets from one source of truth.

Sync .env files
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* Optionally add auto-cloaking to your .env files

Invest in your security, with dotenv-vault

The average cost of a secrets leak is $1.2 million dollars. You need a secrets manager that simplifies your secrets and prevents them from being scattered across multiple third-parties.

Team plan

50 users at $4/month

  • Unlimited secrets
  • Unlimited projects
  • Custom environments
  • Slack notifications
  • User access controls
  • Version history
  • External share
  • High availability

= $200/month

HashiCorp Vault

50 users at $1.58/hour

= $1,137.60/month


50 users at $18/month

= $900/month


50 users at $14/month

= $700/month

Developers, developers, developers

We are developers, just like you. We could probably charge more for what we've built but as developers ourselves we don't like the idea of that. We're in this for the long haul – to build the best developer-first secrets manager on the market.

Non-profit, open-source, and educational discounts

Yes, we offer discounts for non-profits, open-source 💛, and education programs. Contact us at [email protected] after creating your account to get your discount.

Cancel anytime, no lock-in

Cancel your account at anytime. Also, unlike competing solutions, dotenv-vault is designed to work on top of the open .env file format standard. This way you can stop using dotenv-vault and everything will still just work.

Incrementally grow into dotenv-vault

Unlike other secrets managers that are all-or-nothing, you can use dotenv-vault incremently. Start by using it as a way to backup your .env files, grow to using it across your team, and then adopt the encrypted deploys.

What developers are saying

This is a product every dev wishes they would make. Ha!

You are solving a real pain point here, I love how easy it is to get started in a snap. I'm using it to sync between my pc and laptop.

dotenv-vault is a great way to manage your environment variables for your team or for your many personal projects.

What a nice thing is 🔥 Dotenv Vault 🔥.

I gotta say that the introduction process and the entire vault workflow in general was absolutely divine to witness. Loved seeing every little step documented well with adequate feedback given every time. But the GitHub-like interface really put the cherry on top.

It works very well.

Hearts out to the Dotenv team. Really great support. 10/10 would recommend.

Great onboarding experience. I went from “not knowing what this even is” to “integrated into my project” within about 5 minutes. Having each cli command tell me the next step was super helpful. Keep up the good work!

I'm excited to start using it and replace my instance of hashicorp vault!

The great thing about the product is the CLI, which makes it usable in any environment.