Introducing Dotenv Vault

Sync your .env files, quickly & securely

Stop sharing them over insecure channels like Slack and email, and never lose an important .env file again.

Works in a single command

$ npx dotenv-vault push
CLI v1.11.2
VSCode v0.6.0

From the same people that pioneered dotenv - trusted by more than 2.5 million developers.

2.5M+ 2.5 Million+ Developers
100M+ 100 Million+ installs monthly
15K+ 15,000+ stars on GitHub

Used by developers, startups, and tech giants everywhere.

What developers are saying

3,000+ Developers are already using Dotenv Vault.

Dotenv-Vault is a great way to manage your environment variables for your team or for your many personal projects

Kevin Xu

What a nice thing is 🔥 Dotenv Vault 🔥

Jonatan Salas

I gotta say that the introduction process and the entire vault workflow in general was absolutely divine to witness. Loved seeing every little step documented well with adequate feedback given every time. But the GitHub-like interface really put the cherry on top.

Petar Copyrock

It Works very well.

Hugo Teixeira Mafra

Hearts out to the Dotenv team. Really great support. 10/10 would recommend.


Ergonomically familiar - like git

Just tell your teammates to run dotenv-vault push after editing your .env file.

latest version: v1.11.2

Usage is similar to git. Cd to your project and then run:

$ cd ~/path/to/your-project
$ npx dotenv-vault new

Follow those instructions and then run:

$ npx dotenv-vault login

Then run push and pull:

$ npx dotenv-vault push
$ npx dotenv-vault pull

Using VSCode? You can do all of the above with the Official Dotenv VSCode Extension.

For Your Team

Stop sharing .env files over insecure channels like Slack and email, spend your valuable time coding rather than manually updating .env.example files, and never lose an important .env file again. Dotenv Vault solves these problems for you, once and for all.

Tell your teammates to run $ npx dotenv-vault pull.

For Your Infra

Sync your environment variables to wherever you develop and deploy. Spend your time in one tool, rather than many. Sync to multiple environments, infrastructure, and infrastructure providers. And do it all from one purpose-built tool - with a robust CLI and UI.

Show your DevOps team the CLI, UI, and Infra Tokens.

For Your Security

As security professionals, we know that complexity is the enemy of security. We helped pioneer the .env file format with this in mind - a single, simple, secure place to store sensitive application secrets. Dotenv Vault builds on this proven & trusted foundation, adding new standards .env.vault and

Show your CSO Dotenv's Security Statement.

To you, the reader:

Security is an evermoving target - an arms race. But that doesn't mean it should be hard to use. Good design can make complex things simple, and that is what we are after at Dotenv.

Dotenv is a security tool. It has been since it was first developed in 2013. We saw developers struggling to keep their secrets safe so we pioneered the .env security file format standard. The design led to a better Developer Security Experience - which led to safer secrets for millions of developers. Today, we are taking that to the next logical step.

What is the problem with .env files today? The world has changed. Developers manage secrets at greater scale than a decade ago. .env files are not easily shareable between machines, environments, and team members. As a result, developers share secrets over Slack, email, and other messaging services. It's not scaleable and is a security risk. For a CTO or CSO it is a risk they should not take.

So, today, we are extending the .env file format to support syncing across machines, environments, and team members. It's an exciting development and we welcome you to go on this journey with us.



Founder & CTO