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Still managing your secrets across multiple platforms and tools?

We took a hard look at the state of developer secrets management, and well, it's not the greatest.

Manual management scatters secrets

Your developers manage secrets independently, exchanging .env files over insecure channels like email and Slack.

Meanwhile, your DevOps team sets secrets through various different platforms and tools, resulting in secrets being spread across multiple locations.

And your CSO has no transparency into any of this. There are no audit logs, no access controls, no preventive measures to prevent leaks.

  • × Insecure
  • × Secrets everywhere
  • × No backups
Enterprise solutions are expensive

HashiCorp Vault locks you into an expensive solution by requiring your team to rewrite code. Solutions like AWS Secrets and GCP Secret Manager are also pricey and rely on frequent API calls to their services, driving up costs.

  • × Expensive
  • × Proprietary / Lock-in
Other solutions increase attack surface area

Solutions like Doppler and Infisical push you toward code rewrites AND rely on risky third-party integrations that increase your attack surface area, making it more likely for your secrets to leak.

  • × Proprietary / Lock-in
  • × Risky third-party integrations
That's not even counting the headache and reputation hit to your organization. You need a solution.

dotenv-vault is the solution you've been looking for

dotenv-vault replaces storing and setting your secrets across multiple platforms and tools with a single source of truth. It builds on top of the proven dotenv standard, adding syncing and encryption to .env files.

You're steps away from fixing your secrets management problem for good.

It works everywhere you develop and deploy

If you can deploy your code there, you can use dotenv-vault. It works without dangerous third-party integrations. That's better than any solution on the market.

Travis CI
Google Cloud
Cloud 66
Amazon AWS
AWS Lambda

Thousands of forward-thinking development teams use dotenv-vault

Here's a small selection of them. Your team could be next.

FirstVet + Dotenv

FirstVet trusts dotenv-vault to keep their secrets safe while helping you keep your pets healthy. With their app, you can talk to a vet online at the click of a button.
Honeylove + Dotenv

Honeylove, a YC company, makes body-shaping apparel designed to make you feel more confident and improve your posture. When it comes to their security posture, they choose dotenv-vault. / yc
Supernova + Dotenv

When it comes to SecretOps, Supernova, one of the world's premier DesignOps solutions, reaches for dotenv-vault. + Dotenv

Sound is a collaborative music discovery platform built on web3 technology and values. For their secrets, they trust dotenv-vault.
County of Alameda + Dotenv

Alameda County is one of the most innovative counties in the United States. Home to 1.7 million people, in cities like Berkeley and Oakland, they use and trust dotenv-vault.
County of Alameda + Dotenv

Built on blockchain technology, Snackclub is a gaming community that uses dotenv-vault to keep their secrets safe.
Zengaming + Dotenv

5 Million+ users trust Zengaming's and products. dotenv-vault helps support these users by powering Zengaming's secrets.
Happymoney + Dotenv

HappyMoney is a unicorn-sized company that has raised almost $200 million dollars. For keeping their secrets safe, they chose dotenv-vault as the superior option.
Sungage Financial + Dotenv

Sungage Financial innovates in the solar space - making it so more people can have solar. To innovate on their secrets they chose dotenv-vault.
Ligonier Ministries + Dotenv

Ligonier Ministries provides content and resources for Christians. Their team coordinates securely sharing secrets using dotenv-vault.
LEAD + Dotenv

Edtech Unicorn LEAD trusts dotenv-vault with its developer secrets. Their software makes excellent education affordable and accessible to all Indians.
LEAD + Dotenv

100M+ visitors per year use to get a better deal on travel and accomodation. It takes a lot of software to do this and it is dotenv-vault that powers the secrets for that software.

These teams are saying goodbye to scattered secrets, when will you?

From the same people that pioneered dotenv.

Trusted by more than 2.5 million developers.

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