Load. Sync. Deploy.

Dotenv is the worldwide standard for managing environment variables – from development to production.

Add layers of security and never lose an important .env file again.

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How It Works

in 3 well-designed steps


securely - with a single file

Dotenv is the worldwide standard for managing environment variables. Store secrets and app configuration securely with a single file - the .env file.


Load environment variables »



securely - with a single command

You don't need to install anything. No error prone binaries to install, infrastructure to maintain, or custom code to write. It just works – with a single command and across your whole team.

$ npx dotenv-vault push

Syncing .env files »



securely - with CIA level encryption

Ready to deploy your secrets to production? Run the build command to generate your encrypted .env.vault file, commit that safely to code, and deploy. It's safer than syncing environment variables to 3rd parties.

$ npx dotenv-vault build
$ git commit -am "Add .env.vault"
$ git push

Deploying to Production »

Developer-first ergonomics

We've purposely designed a cli that feels like git and a ui that feels like GitHub.